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New Sevenfriday P3C/08

The P3C/08 is Sevenfriday’s latest model. The P3C/08 features a dazzling combination of Gun metal PVD bezel surrounded by a solid white animation ring, softened only slightly by a translucent Azure Blue acetate, a...


New Sevenfriday P3C/09 Orange Carbon

After the success of both the White and the Red P3C watches, Sevenfriday is now releasing another colorful version of their Carbon model, the Orange P3C/09. Fiber resin is used to etch an orange...


Sevenfriday T3/01

The watch I’m reviewing today is being produced by a company who’s not only a watchmaker but also a lifestyle brand. I have already introduced you the P3C/02 Racer, here’s a smaller one, based...


New Sevenfriday P3C/07 WHITE CARBON

After the successful release of the P3C/04 Red Carbon 2 months ago, Sevenfriday is going further with this new P3C/07 White Carbon! This new version is mixing black with glossy white, showing a black...


New Sevenfriday T1/01 Cocorico

The Russian Bear. The American Eagle. The Chinese Panda…and the French Cock! Hardly an awe inspiring animal. Yet this Gallic Cockerel has come to symbolize France as the cradle of social development, modernity, style...


Sevenfriday P3C / 02 Racer

More than just a watch The company producing the watch I’m reviewing today describes itself as a lifestyle brand rather than a watchmaking firm. On top of creating original watches, Sevenfriday also produces apparel...

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