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Evox DV3-07

Even if the current trend seems to be around smaller watches, there are still a few new releases meant for us, watch addicts with lumberjack wrists 🙂Evox has recently released the 3rd version of...


William Wood Valiant

The watch I’m reviewing today holds a special place in my collection. It comes with a history, the history of William Wood, who served as a firefighter for 25 years. The William Wood Valiant...


Draken Benguela

I have been following Draken’s projects for a while, but the Benguela is the first one I have had the opportunity to test. If you’re looking for a toolwatch, take  a look at that...


Venturo Field Watch #2

Following its successful launching of its first model, Venturo is preparing to put its second model on the market, the Venturo Field Watch #2, an automatic watch. It is already possible to pre-order it...


Spinnaker Fleuss

Today I’m going to review the Spinnaker Fleuss, a homage to the Blancpain fifty fathoms, now coming on a steel bracelet. It’s my first Spinnaker and I could have easily summed up the review...

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