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New Sevenfriday P3C/08

The P3C/08 is Sevenfriday’s latest model. The P3C/08 features a dazzling combination of Gun metal PVD bezel surrounded by a solid white animation ring, softened only slightly by a translucent Azure Blue acetate, a...


New Sevenfriday P3C/09 Orange Carbon

After the success of both the White and the Red P3C watches, Sevenfriday is now releasing another colorful version of their Carbon model, the Orange P3C/09. Fiber resin is used to etch an orange...


Sevenfriday T3/01

The watch I’m reviewing today is being produced by a company who’s not only a watchmaker but also a lifestyle brand. I have already introduced you the P3C/02 Racer, here’s a smaller one, based...


Sevenfriday P3C / 02 Racer

More than just a watch The company producing the watch I’m reviewing today describes itself as a lifestyle brand rather than a watchmaking firm. On top of creating original watches, Sevenfriday also produces apparel...

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