Author: Brice WAGNER


5′ with Dan Henry – CEO of Dan Henry watches

What triggered the creation of your own brand ? I have a huge collection of watches, visit, but as for many collectors, collecting can become a disease/addiction and when I lost a very rare...


Draken Benguela

The Draken Benguela is an all-new tool watch design from the boutique watch brand out of Auckland, New Zealand. Designed to go to extreme depths, the Benguela features a helium escape valve (HEV), and...


Dwiss RS1 Automatic

“Any watch can tell the time, but we tell it differently”. That sentence, found on Dwiss’s website, makes so much sense when you look at the RS1 Automatic! This watch holds a very special...


Dwiss anniversary sales

Dwiss is having anniversary sales, don’t miss your change to get a huge discount on a selection of models! –


Hemel Air League Chrono

Coming to market is the newest outing from Hemel, the Air League Chronograph. A special edition time piece being produced specifically for members of the League of Microbrands on Facebook, all one has to...


The Gentlemen’s collection by Pompeak

Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, Pompeak is back with the Gentlemen’s Collection. Before going further, please note that the version I had in my hands for this review is a proto. It’s been used...

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