While some brands make the choice of innovation, others, on the contrary, prefer homage watches with more or less success.

With all due respect to some, tribute watches have found their place in the watchmaking market and I would even say that these watches bring visibility and therefore a much more important «advertising» to luxury brands.

 I will review for you a watch of the brand Ironwatch, belonging to the WR Watches group.

The Brand

WR WATCHES has decided to broadcast different brands that are all offering tribute watches.

We will of course find tributes to the Rolex brand but as surprising as it may seem, we will also have many tributes to the Seiko brand. I am a little less fan of the tribute to Seiko because in my opinion, the price difference is not worth it. Might as well take the original model.

The Watch

So this is the Ironwatch Vintage OP I received and as you can see, this watch is very inspired by the Oyster model from Rolex.

However, the advantage of this watch is that it combines two periods of the Oyster watch.

The case and bracelet are inspired by the modern Oyster while the dial, hands and indexes are inspired by the Oyster of the 50s.

The Case

The case of this watch is made of stainless steel and it alternates polished and brushed finishes. A polished insert accommodates a sapphire glass treated anti reflection and the back of this case is also equipped with a sapphire glass and therefore obviously transparent.

With a size of only 36mm it’s appropriate for both men and women but I was very surprised when receiving this watch because I had rather the sensation of having a watch of 38mm on my wrist.

The Dial

I must say that I love this dial because I have always been very attracted by this vintage style, as you have read in my various reviews.

The texture of the dial is white «Clous de Paris», a style widely used in different high-end brands such as Breguet or Baume &Mercier for example.

The dolphin hands and indexes are golden and adorn this dial with finesse and elegance. The name of the brand as well as the sealing do not spoil this really homogeneous set.

The Movement

This Ironwatch is equipped with a Miyota 9015 movement that is far from the entry-level. This movement is very well known and considered accurate and reliable, explaining why we find it more and more in many watches.

A polished and screw-down crown is used to wind and adjust this watch.

The Strap

The bracelet is made of brushed stainless steel and closes with a butterfly clasp.

It is frankly very pleasant to wear and we really feel the quality.


I must admit that I was very sceptical before receiving this watch because I clearly thought I would find myself with yet another tribute watch made in Asia with a very low quality.

Well to be honest, I had the happy surprise of being totally wrong because this vintage Ironwatch is really top when we like this style.

The quality of the materials is clearly there and the movement is very renowned. It is also very elegant with a style that can please a lot of people.

At less than $300, you get a very good price-quality ratio.

I invite you to discover the WR Watches website and thus, make your own opinion.

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