Hemel Sea dart

Hemel is releasing their first diver, the HD1. Here’s a few words by Marvin Menke, the brand owner and creator.

The HD1 was only the first expression of a long-term project, whose goal is to offer variety to the independent dive watch space and in so doing, provide new options and choices for watch collectors and enthusiasts alike. Hemel is not necessarily a substitute or rival to other brands, but we are an alternative. With the HD2 “Sea Dart,” we can yet again offer wrist watch enthusiasts a combination of much beloved classic features in a modern timepiece. We wanted to use our brand to offer a new perspective to the classic “skin diver” watch.

“Hemel is really a reflection of myself and how I work as a designer. It’s a reflection of my relation to watches and how I connect them to other areas that inspire me like graphic design, history, photography, product development and community building. I link all these elements together and describe a new way for a boutique brand to exist. This is why I’m still in love with design even after more than thirty years.” – Marvin Menke, Founder of Hemel.

Revivalism and reinvention are at the heart of this new collection. The Hemel Sea Dart speaks to the great spirit of innovation in American technological development exemplified by the US Navy’s development of jet aircraft. The Hemel Sea Dart presents a veritable crayon box of dial choices to provide a strong graphic presence on wrists thereby linking its historical form to an atmosphere of modernity. In addition to Black, the dial color palette will include choices of Salmon, Robin’s Egg, Juniper and the ever-favorite “full lume C3 dial”, all executed in sunburst effects.

Slimmer dimensions including a 39mm case size, 45mm lug-to-lug length and 11.5 mm thickness echo vintage and mid-century standards as well as more svelte aesthetics. The 316L steel is brushed and has a very utilitarian overall feel, but there are some polished surfaces for visual interest, especially as our brand ambassadors are so active on social media showing off their latest wrist shots. The classic beads-of-rice bracelet was chosen with direct watch community involvement as were some of the dial colors. Features including anti-reflective coated sapphire double domed glass, a 120 click rotating bezel, diamond cut
hands, C3 luminova and 300 meters of water resistance are all standard on the Sea Dart.

The entire Hemel concept was born in New York at Hemel House, the brain child of Marvin Menke. Marvin is an F.I.T. graduate and design industry insider with thirty years experience. Hemel was originally the name of his design consultancy and the watches were initially meant to be a gift for his clients around the holidays or to mark special events. The more he shared the idea with friends and colleagues, the more they encouraged him to bring it to market. Hemel has been in the boutique watch industry since early 2016. According to Marvin, “I’m really doing the same thing I always have, except now I’m my own client and as such I naturally have all this access to all my own experience in creative design and branding. This allows Hemel to be a truly holistic expression where all touchpoints have the single unifying factor of one creative mind; boutique design in a nutshell.”

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