Bohen Mille Mer prototype – the WOW effect

I’ve been following Bohen’s Mille Mer project since its earliest ‘public’ stages, when the first drawings of both the Mille Mer and the Stardiver were published by Blaise Giuliani, the founder, in order for him to see how we (watch-addicts) would react. I just got stuck at the first 3D rendering and couldn’t help thinking how much I wanted this project to come true. That’s when I first contacted Blaise.

It was a bit more than a year ago, and during that time Blaise and I discussed quite often about watches in general or the Mille Mer more specifically. He explained his choices in terms of components and how much he wanted them to be the best, and while he kept on sending me the new renderings, he described step by step how his project grew up from what was once a crazy idea to become the outstanding prototype I’ve had the chance to finally see in person!

As you can imagine, having the chance to follow such an evolution leads necessarily to having many expectations, I was hence expecting nothing but the best when Blaise told me that he would send me the prototype 🙂 Opening the box triggered an instant WOW effect, the Mille Mer is even more fantastic than I could have dreamed of! It’s beautiful!

My first visual impressions were confirmed as soon as I took the watch out of the box, it looks really well built and seems to be able to compete with the best! I can say that I haven’t been able to take (nor did I want to :D) a single shot of either of my Breiting SuperOcean 44 or my Seiko MM300 since then! The Mille Mer is such an eye-catching piece, combining jewelery and horology in a unique yet impressive design, I’m really fighting it but can’t help thinking that this is just a prototype and I’ll have to let it go soon…

Like I said, this is just a prototype aiming to validate a design and the quality of its components. There will be a few changes in the production version:

  • The first link of the bracelet will be a little bit thicker in order to gain a few grams and then offer a better balance on the wrist
  • The hands will be slightly changed
  • The indexes will be reviewed in order to improve the luminescence
  • The buckle will be changed with another one.

Now I’m looking forward to seeing the next proto with the above corrections. Will there be less excitement due to the fact that I already know the watch ? I don’t think so, it will be quite the opposite actually! The Mille Mer really goes beyond my expectations: it allows me to follow closely its developpement, which is awesome when you’re a passionate, it also reaches the point where I had for some time left 2 of my preferred watches because they couldn’t stand the comparison, this is absolutely remarkable!

While sharing with you some of my shots, I really encourage you to follow Bohen’s FB page and newsletter, believe me that’s not a watch you want to miss!

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3 Responses

  1. Christopher Pierce says:

    Beautiful timepiece!

  2. Flávio says:

    I’ve been following Blaise’s project since last year also and I’m crazy about the result on the real piece.
    I didn’t get the chance, like you, to try it, but it’s not a problem. I can feel the weight and strength of Mille mer on the pictures.
    I’ll be one of the ambassadors for sure And can’t wait to be able to see the jealous among my watch friends.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and pictures.
    It helped consolidate what I already had in my heart about Bohen.

  3. Mark says:

    First saw this watch over a year ago also but at a glance I was instantly draw to it and it’s so unique and polarizing than anything I’ve seen since . .

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