Odyssey Freediver by Boldr Supply Co.

After successfully releasing a divewatch designed for adventurers with big wrists since it measured 45mm and was waterproof up to 500 meters, Boldr returns to us this time with a revisit of its model Odyssey which will be adapted to a wider audience but which preserves its watch DNA for adventurers.

The Brand

For those who are not familiar with the Boldr brand, you should know that it comes straight from Singapore and that it is beginning to have a very good reputation in the world of watchmaking.

The philosophy of this brand is to offer models of watches made to follow you everywhere and on every occasion. Watches made to follow you in your adventures at the sea or in the mountains and in the most extreme conditions. Watches made for adventurers adept of the wild jungle or urban.

And it was this state of perseverance oriented spirit that allowed Boldr to be born because the creation of this brand could have stopped as quickly as it had started when it had to cancel its first kikckstarter campaign which had been a big success.

Despite this reversal of fortune, the creators bounced back, persevered and the Boldr brand was born in 2015.

The Watch

I present you an automatic diver of the brand Boldr Supply Co., the Odyssey Freediver 288, the number 288 being the reference of the red color that I chose.

As I said in the introduction, it is intended to delight as many people as possible in terms of its size and look as well as its manufacturing quality.

And very pleasant thing, it is sent to us in a very pretty mini briefcase in the pure style of diving equipment.

The Case

The first thing you notice when looking at this case is the color of the 316L steel that gives the impression of wearing a titanium watch. I have a number of people who have asked me the question, so much so. It remains to be seen what this shade will give in time but so far, I have nothing to point out.

In contrast to the brands that play on nostalgia by offering neo-vintage models, Boldr offers us a resolutely modern watch with very elegant lines and curves, while being very aesthetic.

We find chromed edges at the four corners of our watch that are of the most beautiful effect and that come to break the usually straight lines of the lugs.

And with its size of 40mm and its contained thickness of 14mm, it will adapt to most wrists, starting with the finest, as you can see on my 16,5cm wrist.

To live his adventures without being afraid to scratch the red insert of this diver, it had to be in ceramic. It is not a flashy red but cohesive with the color of the dial that we will discover next.

The bezel is not completely circular because it offers an alternating line and curves. It is very precise in its setting, flexible and pleasant to handle. And it is unidirectional 120-click.

Finally, the case back is screwed and personalized with the engraving of a Kraken, a legendary monster, symbol of the mysteries and depths of the oceans.

We really feel the work of a designer on this case because when I look at it, I feel like I’m facing the sketch of a modern car. It is clear that Boldr wanted to create a diver really stand out and it is perfectly successful I find.

The Dial

Once again Boldr dares and it offers an original dial in terms of color but also in terms of its visual appearance.

From the center of the dial to its exterior, we are on a gradient of red ochre to black but know that the brand also offers you this Odyssey Freediver in blue, black, green and white.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a dial to impress, pass your way because this dial is much more in the subtlety. It certainly does not offer dazzling reflections that I am the first to adore but rather a matt side totally in the spirit of this Odyssey.

When we look at the dial more closely, we can see its granular aspect and when it is exposed to the sun, the gradient seems to diminish and it immediately becomes brighter.

 And the balance with the white Arabic numerals located all around the dial as well as the small polished steel indexes placed every 5mn is perfect.

We find as very often the name and logo of the brand, the name of the model and to finish, the depth of waterproofness that is 300 meters for this diver.

We also have a date window on a black background at 6 o’clock, good-sized white hands and a coloured second hand in orange to stand out from the dial and thus for better legibility.

And since I’m talking about visibility, all this little world is covered with Superluminova (insert index, dial index and hands), which provides a very good and a very pretty legibility in low light conditions.

This Odyssey is obviously protected by a sapphire glass. It is flat and treated anti-reflection. This flat side is the best choice for me because it is in perfect harmony with the straight shapes of this watch. Adding rounding and thickness would not have been warranted.

The Movement

It is a Miyota 9015 movement that is embedded in our Odyssey.

This movement, which has a very good reputation, has a 42-hour power reserve and its accuracy is supposed to be between -10 and +30 seconds per day. Very often, brands ensure that the accuracy is within 10 seconds, and that is the case with the model I am presenting.

And to avoid any problems, the Odyssey is anti-magnetic and the movement is shockproof. For information or recall, the shock absorber is a safety system that protects the balance axis against shocks.

This Myota movement is automatic thanks to the oscillating weight but also manually by means of the screwed crown located at 3h.

The crown is of good size, the big stripes make its handling very easy and we find on it the logo of the Boldr brand.

The Strap

Just like the case, the strap of this Odyssey is made of 316L steel and it has exactly the same shade.

This set is so successful in terms of colour that it is even difficult to know where the end-links are. We really have the impression that the case and the strap are one and it is pretty stunning visually.

But rest assured!!! You will still be able to remove this strap by means of quick release springbars, a process used for the first time by Boldr.

After several days on my wrist, I can say that it is very comfortable and for the first time, I do not see any scratches in the clasp.

And to finish, the setting at the waist of the wrist is done very precisely because it is possible to remove screwed links and also play on the clasp which, moreover, is provided with a double safety and engraved with the logo of the brand.


When you visit the Boldr brand’s website, you can read and discover their philosophy and the DNA that they want to put in their different models.

This is the first time I have a watch of this brand in my possession and I understand the emulation that there is around it because this brand does not only tell a story, it actually transposes it on the watches it offers.

The Odyssey Freediver has a pure modern look totally assumed, a real presence on the wrist while being super comfortable and especially a style unique to it in this world of diving watches where it is so difficult to stand out.

As soon as you open your transport case, take it in hand and manipulate it, you immediately feel the quality of this watch which I am certain will delight people looking for a toolwatch that will follow you in all your expeditions and that has a unique personality.

And knowing that it is offered at the price of only 550€, there is no debate to have on the value for money which is clear and clear from the start.

I invite you to visit the site of Boldr Supply Co. and discover all the models of their catalog.

Odyssey Freediver – BOLDR Supply Co.

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