Leonov by Werenbach

It is always pleasant to discover new brands and new concepts but here I must say that we reach the climax!

The watch I will present to you will take us straight to the stars. More than a watch, it is a passport for space that is offered to us The Leonov model of the Werenbach brand produces watches from Russian Soyuz rockets and proposes to appropriate a unique part of the space conquest.

This watch is in the high range of affordable watches that I usually present but when you have read my review, you will understand why.

The Brand

The Werenbach brand was born in 2013 thanks to the crazy idea of its creator Patrick Hohmann to create watches using materials recovered directly from Soyuz rockets launched from the Baikonur cosmodrome.

And so it is in the steppes of Kazakhstan that Patrick Hohmann recovers his raw material by cutting the metal parts of the boosters of the Soyuz rockets that got detached after having carried out between 45 and 80km of flight.

The boosters landed on a military area where Patrick picks up the items he was interested in and then brings them back to his workshop in Zurich to create the dials for his watches.

The Watch

I’m presenting to you the Leonov model 3 and we learn on the Werenbach website that the part that was used to create its dial comes from the Soyuz rocket MS-09 which made a flight to the international space station on June 6, 2018 at 11:12:41 UTC.

We are also told the exact location of the launch, the model of the rocket and the names of the cosmonauts on board.

The Dial

The magic of this watch lies mainly in its dial as it is the part that will make your watch a unique piece. Each dial cut on the rocket boosters remains unchanged and it is like a fingerprint, it does not look like any other as it keeps the traces of its journey to space. One can see the impacts suffered during this journey and one becomes the witness and especially the privileged guardian of this unique dial.

My Leonov’s is made of khaki-coloured aluminium and comes from the rockets of the launch booster which is used to propel the rocket beyond the Earth’s atmosphere.

It is therefore a relatively simple dial that gives priority to the “defects” that can be seen on the dial.

The indexes as well as the hands are luminescent thanks to Superluminova, we find a circular date window at 3h as well as a black ring which tells us that the MS-09 rocket went into orbit after having covered 270km in 8mn and 49 seconds.

The Case

The case of my Leonov is made of fully brushed steel and it measures 40mm for 14mm thick, which is, as I often like to say, an ideal size to delight a maximum of people.

We realize very quickly that this case is the result of long thoughts and works because it combines circular and linear forms up to the crown guard, resulting in the most beautiful effect.

We’re miles away from the standard factory cases used by many brands to assemble their watches. We have the perfect example of Swiss watchmaking quality with a watch thought through in every detail.

The crown is marked with the name of the brand and is screwed in. One can regret however that the watch is only 5 ATM, but it is true that one rarely performs diving in space.

The case back of my Leonov is screwed and transparent, and you can read all the information of the space flight of the Soyuz MS-09 rocket.

Finally, a slightly domed sapphire crystal protects the dial of our watch.

The Movement

It is obviously impossible to imagine that this watch made in Zurich does not include a Swiss movement. And it is therefore logical that we find the Calibre STP 1-11 produced by Swiss Technology Production, movement compared very often to the very famous ETA 2824.

It is features 26 jewels and has a power reserve of 44h for an accuracy of +/- 15s per day. And since the case back of my Leonov is transparent, the oscillating weight is decorated with the name and logo of the Werenbach brand.

The Strap

The strap you choose will determine the final price of your Leonov watch because Werenbach lets you choose from 8 different styles.

I received my watch with a brushed steel strap that closes with a butterfly buckle and you can adjust it by removing links with a precision screwdriver.

The clasp is engraved with a rocket rather than the usual logo.

This bracelet seems very qualitative. It is also very comfortable because it is light weight, unlike other stainless-steel bracelets I’ve had.


When we receive a watch from the Werenbach brand, we immediately understand the impressive success of their different kickstarter campaigns because nothing is left to chance in its design.

It is certain that you must have a real crush to buy it because its price starts at 940€ excluding taxes but when we study it in detail, we understand the reasons of such a rate.

 Genuine ‘Swiss made’ as well as innovation come with a fair price.

Everything is created and assembled in Switzerland, you may want to know that Werenbach even offers several models for more than €5,000 with the entire dial and case manufactured from a Soyuz rocket.

From the recovery of raw material in Kazakhstan to the machining of parts, Werenbach creates a unique alloy composed of 96% rocket steel.

I invite you to fly to space by visiting the Werenbach site.

The LEONOV Collection Rocketwachtes Spacebord | WERENBACH AG

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