Klokers Watch

Much more than a watch, this is a whole concept that I will present in this review.

And yet, if there is one area where it is difficult to innovate and surprise, it is indeed watchmaking.

However, this is the challenge taken up by the young French brand Klokers created in 2015, by simply reinventing the watch as we know it.

Klokers brings us into its completely new watchmaking universe by offering you models combining design, fashion and the French way of life.

And believe me, ever since I received it and put it on my wrist, something different and hypnotizing has happened. I keep looking at it, like I’m wearing a watch for the first time in my life.

Contrary to the usual procedure of my reviews, I give you my feeling as it happens to me because a klokers watch cannot be described like any other watch.

First of all, I stayed quite classic in my choice by taking the model KLOK 01 Minimal Black mounted on a grey Milanese bracelet, against the opinion of my wife who wanted me to push the audacity to the max by choosing a much more fun model such as the white Minimal on colored leather strap for example.

But despite this classic choice, no one around me has remained unmoved because its visual aspect and the technology of my Klokers appeal to everyone.

At the opening of the packaging box, we immediately discover our case also called watch head and I must say that I find precisely what I saw in the photo on the Klokers site.

The case is made of polished steel of the most beautiful effect and it measures 44mm in diameter for 11,5mm thick.

As surprising as it may seem and despite my wrist of only 16,5cm, it fits me perfectly.

We find a crown with the logo of the brand at 3 o’clock and a press button at 8 o’clock on which I will come back later.

Finally, the case is covered with a polymer glass that I know by experience will not please everyone, but well, it has at least the merit of being restored easily.

Now we will get to the heart of the matter and discover this intriguing dial.

This totally innovative and patented dial is inspired by an ancient measuring instrument, the circular calculation ruler, using the idea of concentric circles adorned with multiple graduations.

This is how our dial is composed of 3 rotating discs representing the hours, minutes and seconds that rotate in the counter-clockwise direction of a traditional watch.

It is an index located at noon and with a slightly magnifying effect that allows us to read the time.

You still have to get your brain used to this totally different reading, but once you’ve taken the hit, it works flawlessly. I must admit, however, that reading the time can be particularly difficult in poor light conditions.

That being said, and I have already said it for other models such as skeletons, there are always concessions to be made when you want to stand out.

To animate this surprising dial, it is towards Switzerland that the Klokers brand has chosen a high-precision quartz movement from the Ronda brand.

Klokers watches are also assembled and controlled in Switzerland since their headquarters are located on the French-Swiss border.

When we turn our watch head we discover a strange caseback. It is made of brushed steel and has a hollow part in its T-shaped centre.

And this is again the patented innovation that the Klokers brand offers you since it offers you straps with a metal piece of very design that slips and magnetizes on the back of the case.

The strap can be installed and removed very easily by means of the press button located at 8 o’clock which I had previously told you about. So it will be very easy to change the strap as you wish provided you buy them on the Klokers website.

This strap is so visually successful that it can become a jewel in its own right that you could wear without the watch.

And it’s because of this innovation that Klokers revisits the watchmaking world because you can use your watch head according to your desires or your moods.

You will find on their website accessories that will allow you to transform your Klokers into a pocket watch, a desk watch, store it in a carrying case that you will put in your pocket or in a handbag, a wide choice that will allow you to choose your own style.

I received my Klokers watch with a Milanese steel strap with the name of the brand engraved on the clip and a Nato strap also signed.

I must admit that both look very good and this system of quick attachment of the watch head is of a great efficiency.

In conclusion I will say that we either love or hate this watch, it will certainly leave no one indifferent.

It has such a presence on the wrist and such originality that it is as I said at the beginning of the review, a piece of design and fashion that you wear.

You will only have to choose your style and again, you will have a wide choice on the website of the Klokers brand.

The Klok 01 watch is sold around €550 and know that currently and until December 24, a Milanese strap with a value of €105 is offered for the purchase of one of their models.

In addition, and this is only for members of our group, you will receive a 10% discount during the month of December using the code AWDO-10.

Klokers Swiss Made watches and accessories

Finally, for those who would find this price excessive for a quartz watch, I invite you to compare what is comparable because Klokers watches are totally new watches with two patents and not an umpteenth micro brand that has ‘just’ assembled multiple components to build a watch.

Thank you for reading me and happy holiday season to everyone.

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