Baltic Aquascaphe

Chauvinism does no harm to anyone, it is always with great pleasure that I like to discover and introduce to you a young and successful French brand.

Surfing on its success story, Baltic offers me the privilege of presenting you a model of diver that has a strong taste of vintage and a contained size; everything I like.

It is the AQUASCAPHE from Baltic, a watch that meets all the criteria of a guaranteed success.

The Brand

Baltic is like I told you in the introduction, a French brand that was created by Etienne Malec and which was a real success from its first Kickstarter campaign in 2017. Passionate about watchmaking like his father, Etienne wanted to create neo-vintage watches, inspired for his first models, watches of the 1940s.

And then, due to his origins in northern Poland, was born the name of Baltic for his brand.

The Baltic brand plays with transparency and clearly announces that most of the pieces come from Hong Kong and that they are then controlled and assembled in France, close to Besançon, the French watch region.

The Watch

I present to you the AQUASCAPHE blue Gilt from Baltic.

It is a diver with which the most daring will be able to go down to 200m of depth.

True to the line of conduct desired by Baltic, this AQUASCAPHE has a resolutely vintage look but it was thought as a Tool Watch. It has all the modern technical features and you can wear it on all occasions without being afraid of scratches or shocks.

The Case

Like any self-respecting neo-vintage watch, the case has a contained size of 39mm and a thickness of only 12mm.

It is made of polished steel and covered by a scratch-resistant double dome sapphire crystal.

The bezel, key feature of diving watches, is unidirectional and unlike most of its competitors, has an insert that is neither aluminum, nor ceramic, but covered with a sapphire crystal that gives a depth of the most beautiful effect. This is so marvelous ! Finally, the case back is screwed-in and engraved with the drawing of a diver. Simple but efficient because once again, we remain in the vintages codes.

The Dial

The first thing that attracts the eye when you look at the dial of this Aquascaphe is this beautiful midnight blue. It offers great reflections and can go from intense blue to almost black depending on the ambient light.

There are many blue dials but I must say that this one stands out in my eyes. Its sandwich-type design brings depth to this dial. As a reminder, a sandwich-type dial is designed in several layers. A plate coated with luminous material is covered with a second opaque plate cut out in the shape of numbers and indexes.

On the dial we find the name Baltic, Aquascaphe as well as the depth that it is possible to reach with this watch; to recall 200m.

Finally, the two hands as well as the lollipop style second hand are also treated with SuperLuminova, which brings good legibility in the dark.

The Movement

To animate this Aquascaphe, Baltic chose the Miyota 9039 movement, especially for its low thickness.

This movement is recognized as reliable and robust and there is a second stop.

It is automatically or manually winded, thanks to the crown located at 3h.

As for the crown, it is screwed-in to keep the tightness of our diver, comfortable size to have a good grip and it is engraved with Baltic B.

The Strap

To remain in the vintage spirit, Baltic plays the audacity to the depth of the straps by proposing two options that will determine the style of our Aquascaphe and its price:

You can choose a rubber strap in the pure «Tropic» style.

These wristbands were used in diving watches in the 1960s and have the reputation of being unbelievable. It comes with a pin buckle on which is engraved the name of the Baltic brand.

For the more daring and for a few extra euros, you can opt for the steel strap in the «beads of rice» style. This type of strap appeared in the 40’s and was created by the very famous Gay Brothers who also created the Oyster strap for the Rolex brand.

 This strap completes this vintage painting already well done, and importantly, this strap is adjustable (micro-adjustment at the level of the links and the clasp). And in addition, you can remove it and put it back very easily because it is equipped with fast-release springbars that allow you to do it without any tools.


With this diver, Baltic remains in the neo-vintage niche and I must say that it is very successful. You really feel like you’re wearing a frogman’s watch straight out of an old black and white movie.

The Aquascaphe is the perfect Tool Watch that you can also wear with a dressier outfit if you choose it with its b.o.r. strap.

To satisfy a maximum of enthusiasts, Baltic offers the Aquascaphe in several versions of dials and also in bronze case.

Finally, you will receive your watch in a very elegant case that will allow you to exhibit in the most beautiful ways the Aquascaphe you choose.

In order not to deviate from the rule of our AWDO group, this very good value for money watch is available from 690€, depending on the strap you choose. I hope to share with you many photos of your acquisition on our AWDO Facebook group.

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