D1 Milano Skeleton

The watch I am presenting to you has allowed me to discover several different things that I had not yet had in my possession because it is first a skeleton model and then because its case has an octagonal shape very appreciated by fine watchmaking.

Some will even say that it looks like this or that brand but I like to say that the wheel was invented only once, in short …

It is therefore the brand D1 MILANO that offers this very atypical watch, which I am sure, will leave no one indifferent. And of course, this is an affordable watch

The Brand

D1 Milano was born in 2013 and was created by a certain Dario Spallone who at the age of 26 wanted to create his own brand. Contrary to what its name might suggest, this brand is based in Dubai and Hong Kong and since its creation, D1 Milano has continued to expand its catalog and its watches are now distributed in shops in 28 countries around the world.

Dario created his first model from an octagonal case and even today, all models offered by D1 Milano have the same shape but declined in all styles, colors and materials.

The Case

As I told you in the introduction, my SKELETON does not deviate from the rule and has an octagonal case of 41.5 mm without crown. We are therefore in the ideal size that will suit all wrist sizes. However, D1 Milano has models that measure only 34mm and you will therefore have enough to please Madam.

As its name suggests, the case of my Skeleton Gun Metal has a metallic gray color, but D1 Milano offers three other models: the Xray (black), the Silver and the Rose Gold.

This case is octagonal in shape and consists of three parts: We find first of all the bezel which gives this octagonal shape and which is a combination of brushed steel and polished steel. The bezel is covered with a circular mineral glass treated anti-reflection and the name of the model and the brand are affixed to it in white … It’s one of my few downsides because between us, I absolutely don’t like this white that totally contrasts with the rest of the watch.

We then have the case structure which is entirely brushed steel and whose horns are internal. Therefore, for the addicts of the strap change, it will necessarily go through D1 Milano to change. Finally, the case back is also in brushed steel, it is screwed and transparent to let the movement appear.

The Dial

The interest of a skeleton watch is to see the movement through its dial and I must say that even if it does not have too much visual interest, the whole is well highlighted. This skeleton dial is a kind of assembly of different gray circle that goes totally opposite to the rectilinear and protruding forms of the case.

For me, this is a great success and it is in perfect homogeneity with the whole of our watch. Regarding legibility, we are satisfied with an index every 5mn, we forget the luminescence on the two gray hands and we forget the second hand.

But let’s be clear, you don’t buy a skeleton watch to have the best readability in the world and wanting it would be a mistake because you buy a style more than precision.

The Movement

To animate our watch, D1 Milano chose the SII NH70 movement from Seiko which is a movement specially designed for skeleton watches. It has a 42h power reserve, a second stop and D1 Milano has engraved its name on the oscillating weight. It is useless to repeat to you that there is little chance of having a bad surprise with a Seiko movement.

And to set the time, we will find a screwed crown that also has an octagonal shape that reminds us of a nut.

The Strap

I couldn’t want anything more than a Gun Metal steel bracelet to wear my Skeleton.

I must say that it is very surprising because it is very pleasant to wear. While it looks massive, it is very flexible at the links and fits perfectly the shape of the wrist. It has a butterfly buckle closure on which is engraved the name of the brand.


As I already told you, I chose the Skeleton among all the models offered by D1 Milano because this raw and industrial side has amazed me. And after several days on my wrist I can only advise you to at least take a look at their site.

We really have a homogeneous watch at all levels and it leaves no one indifferent in my entourage. Of medium size and very comfortable it will adapt I am certain to all the sizes of wrists and those who read my reviews regularly know what I am talking about with my small wrist of 16,5cm.

Finally, my Skeleton Gun Metal is offered at the price of 630€ and know that it is the highest price of all models offered by D1 Milano. It will be really difficult not to have a crush.

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