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For those who have read my review of the Formex Essence or are following my Instagram account, you know how much I enjoy wearing this watch! Did you know there’s a Facebook group dedicated to Formex watches?

If you own a Formex (and even if you don’t but just want to see more about them 😉 ) I really encourage you to join the group, especially with the Photography contest that will start soon!

The rules are quite simple:

  • Snap a picture of your own or your friends Formex watch (the picture has to be yours of course)
  • If you like, try my tips and tricks how to edit the image (see below)
  • Join the private Facebook Group “Formex Watch Club” at
  • Post your picture in the timeline of the “Formex Watch Club” Facebook Group until August 27th and use the hashtag #formexcontest

The winner will be the post that has the most ‘likes’ when the contest ends. It’s as easy as it gets 🙂

I have already participated to that kind of contest and I have often read the same feedback “I’m not a photographer, I only have a smartphone, no camera, …”. Believe me you can take good shots with your phone too! Keep a few guidelines in mind, the rest is up to your creativity. Here’s an example of a bad shot VS a more decent one: Better focus, no direct light, hands not hiding the logo, quick edition with Snapseed (free app) and that’s it!

Here’s an example of a picture before/after edition, and a quick video of the whole process (recorded from the phone, excuse the portrait orientation).

Still not convinced to give it a try? What if I tell you that there will be another winner randomly picked up?

Now that I have your attention you must be wondering about prizes 🙂

  • The best shot will receive 500€ Formex store credit.
  • The comment randomly picked up will receive 200€ Formex store credit.

The store credit is applicable for the purchase of watches only, not accessories.

Winners will be announced on August 28th. Good luck, have fun 🙂

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