Von Doren Runde Ocean Blue

The watch that I present to you in this review leads us for the first time straight to the far north, to Norway. And I must say, I fell totally in love with it. I had a real crush the moment I opened the box of my Von Doren Runde

The Brand

The Von Doren brand is a Norwegian brand created in 2016 by Mr Øyvind Vondoren Asbjørnsen who’s a watch enthusiast since he was a kid.

Mister Vondoren had the ambition to create modern and high-quality watches but at the same time adding a touch of vintage that I personally love. And to imagine the models of his brand, what better than to find inspiration in the nature of the coastal region from which he was born?

It is through the magnificent scenery surrounding his native town, Aalasund, located on the west coast of Norway and surrounded by fjords and mountains that he started thinking and producing his first models.

The Watch

The Watch The Runde that I present to you is the perfect example of the inspiration of Mr Vondoren since he imagined this watch after a historical event on the maritime coasts of his childhood.

Indeed, on 19 January 1725, a Dutch ship carrying commercial goods, 19 chests of gold and silver coins, and with on board 200 crew members, left for Indonesia. On 8 March of the same year, the inhabitants of Runde, a small coastal village, discovered the remains of this ship on which the 200 sailors had perished.

And the magic of this story is that on July 16, 1972, nearly 250 years later, two Swedish and Norwegian divers discovered the remains of the wreck and for three weeks, they surfaced almost half a ton of gold and silver coins.

Thus was born the model Runde, a quartz watch with a resolutely vintage and smart look.

The Dial

The first thing that jumps out at us when we discover our Runde is the simplicity of the dial. Looking at it, the memory of our ancestors’ watches resurfaced immediately. Indeed, Von Doren takes up the codes of mechanical watches of the 60s while bringing the touch of necessary modernity. And it’s the color of the sunburst dial that makes this watch both retro and modern. The blue is of pure beauty and once exposed to the sun, it offers us a captivating visual as we see multiple shades of blue appear at each tilt of the watch. It is always difficult to describe such a rendering but I tried through my photos to restore everything I felt visually. The dial gives us a very good readability of the time thanks to the long and thin white indexes placed every 5mn. Personally I always regret the absence of minute indexes but I understand the logic of a clean dial.

The sword hands are steel colored and covered with a luminescent material and to complete this beautiful design, we have a mini dial located above 6 o’clock on which the second hand shows us the seconds we spend to admire our Runde. And we find as often, the name of the brand Von Doren and its logo in white on the top of our dial.

The Case

To stay in the logic of a resolutely wanted vintage watch, the case of our Runde is a size of 39mm which will therefore go perfectly to women and men. Believe me my wife doesn’t give up… The case is made of polished steel and its lightness as well as the slightly curved shape of the lugs makes it a pure happiness to wear.

The case back is made of steel and to be connected with the history of this model, his engraving represents a gold ducat of the treasure sunk in the waters of Runde. Finally, our watch is topped with a very reflective and luminous double dome mineral glass, which is very pleasant to admire the contrasts of the dial. Beware however of scratches that cannot be repoliated on this type of glass, but it remains a glass of quality very widespread in watchmaking and adapted to the entrance price desired by Von Doren.

The Movement

Von Doren has chosen to equip our Runde with a Swiss Ronda movement, calibre 1069. This is a movement that depending on the battery used (standard or high version) has a range of up to three years. And to set the time of our watch, it will take a minimum of nail to pull on the crown engraved with the logo of the brand. Once we have managed to put it in the hour setting position, it can be handled very easily and we can really adjust our watch with a very high precision since there is a second stop.

The Strap

For once I will finish the description of our watch with its leather strap of camel color that closes thanks to a pin buckle on which is engraved the name of the brand Von Doren. It is a very pleasant strap to wear from the first day because it is very flexible.

However, as I often say in my reviews, only time will be able to tell me if the quality is there because there is nothing more annoying than having your bracelet cracked after 15 days. Still it is that for now and after more than a week wearing it, it is impeccable.


When I discovered the Von Doren brand, I could have expected to discover viking watches, watches cut in rock with a size adapted to Ragnar Lodbrok. Well it’s quite the opposite, I discovered a watch made with delicacy both on the visual aspect and on the materials used. And when I see that Von Doren offers this model at less than 250€, I understand better why it has the ambition to become the number one Scandinavian brand. So I invite you to discover the Von Doren brand website and take the opportunity to look at all the models presented because I can bet you’ll find something you’ll like.


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