Evox DV1-02

In 1970 Omega released what has become one of the most iconic divewatch: the Seamaster 1200 a.k.a. PloProf. Its specs have inspired quite a lot of watchmakers, its design has too, especially in the world of Microbrands.The watch I’m reviewing today may not have the Swiss heart of a PloProf, but it shares -at least partially- its design and its purpose: being an almost indestructible toolwatch. Here’s the Evox DV1-02!

First a quick look at the specs:

Movement: Automatic Miyota 8215
Power Reserve: Up to 40 hours
Water Resistant: 1000 meters
Limited Edition 68 pieces with limited number engraved on the back case
Lens: Sapphire Crystal
Case: 316L Stainless Steel, titanium plated
Helium Escape Valve
Dial: Matt Dial with Superluminova Index and Hands
Diameter: 48mm
Case Thickness: 15mm
Inner Lug Size: 20mm
Outer Lug Size: 26mm
Strap: Silicone

The watch comes in a standard box with a small transparent plastic foil allowing to see the watch before opening the box. What a huge piece!

Picking the watch up for the first time provides 2 strong instant impressions:
– It’s quite heavy!
– But it feels extremely robust!

The weight is eventually quickly forgotten. A lot of people don’t like watches that are too light, they’ll be pleased with this one :)The case is made of 316L Stainless Steel and titanium plated, giving it a beautiful matte effect. It has a black unidirectional 120 clicks bezel, but unlike the Omega, the red pusher isn’t meant to unlock it on this one. It’s not even a pusher, but the Helium escape valve. It definitely gives the watch a strong style! One can also notice the left-handed configuration with the crown located at 9 o’clock. The whole thing has an impressive 100ATM water resistance!

The Stainless Steel caseback shows some information, like the number of this 68pcs limited edition. The lens is made of sapphire crystal and is AR coated. It’s slightly curved and offers a nice blue effect when playing with the light. In the end the legibility is very good in any light condition.

The matte dial shows large white markers with red lines on their edges and a date window at 9 o’clock. IMHO it’s very well balanced! The markers and the hands are covered with blue Superluminova. It’s not the strongest lume I’ve seen but it does the job as expected.

The movement is the weak point of this watch. It’s an entry level automatic Miyota 8215 with no stop-second and a given accuracy of -20~+40 sec per day. That being said, considering the price of the watch it’s not a bad choice at all. It would have been hard to have those specs with a higher-end movement for less than 400€.

The watch comes on a red silicone strap. I’m not a big fan of silicone straps but I have to admit this one gives a wonderful contrast with the case and matches really well with the dial. I like it! It will be hard to switch it with and aftermarket strap though. The case configuration and the very thin space between the springbar and the case prevented me from mounting any of my spare straps. The stock strap isn’t bad, it’s even quite comfortable thanks to the curved lugs.

In the end this Evox DV1-02 does its job quite well! It has a strong and bold identity, and gives the impression it can face any situation.

Find the watch on Evoxtime.com

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