5′ with Carlos Carvalho – CEO of Prometheus and Borealis Watches


Getting to know a new watch is something we love, but what if you could discover a bit more about the history of that watch’s brand? Today we’ve spent 5 minutes with Carlos Carvalho, CEO of Prometheus and Borealis Watches.

What triggered the creation of your own brand?

I started Prometheus Watch Company back in 2008. I have been a watch collector since I was a kid and to start my own watch brand was the natural step. After the success we have had with Prometheus and together with my wife we have created in 2013 Borealis with a higher enphasis on affordable time pieces without compromises in quality.

What are the most significant difficulties you encountered?

Most times to be able to deliver the products on time as the watch industry faces lots of delays due to its small size (there aren’t as many factories as we may think there are). Also the shortages on supply of mechanical movements have proved to be challenging for us as in several occasions we haven’t been able to produce as many watches as we could due to movement shortages.

Where do you find your inspiration?

In my wife and family. They are a true source of inspiration that help me move forward and to produce watches that are welcomed by the community.

How do you see the future of the brand? Is there any confidential(ish) information you could disclose to us?

We want to continue to provide awesome watches at a high quality and affordable prices.

Which advice would you like to give to someone willing to follow your path?

Invest only what you are willing to loose. To start a microbrand is a lot more than designing a watch.

Anything else you would like to share with AWDO?

I would like to thank AWDO for the support and hope all members are safe during this pandemic. We are about to deliver the Borealis Olisipo with plans to start pre-order for the Borealis Cascais V2 around June and also working on a bronze version of the Borealis Sea Storm.

Thank you for your time Carlos!

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