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The german watch microbrand VANDAAG (VANDAAG is low german, a dialect from north Germany and means “today”) will launch their very first model on Indiegogo the 29th of June and their website the first of July. Behind the brand stand 3 watch enthusiasts that have their roots in the watch history for already 20 years and are happy to say that watches are a part of their life.

“Guiding and developing new collections for customers in ODM/OEM projects the last 20 years was always an enjoyment, but the wish for an own brand and a collection valuing the many influences of the watch history combined with extra ordinary quality and a character influenced by our origin became stronger and stronger and finally this year reality.

Our intention here is to have the design timeless modern. The watches should be clean, balanced and in harmony, yet not just follow one predetermined character direction and show the variation of the watch world instead. With more and more watches to come this will be our ambitious goal.

There is a reason why we decided for the pilot watch as our first model.

The aviation is one of the most exciting adventures known to humankind. Always at the side of the pilots was their faithful partner, the wristwatch. Our first line, the Schallmauer is a tribute to the exploring spirit passed to us by the pioneers of the 50s and 60s.

It´s dial design stands in tradition of classical aviation watches. A clear outlook helps with the easy reading of time. The numbers, dots and hands are refined with LumiNova luminous to allow the legibility even at night.

The case is made from 316L surgical steel and we gave the lugs the treatment to manually ground them. This way we received exact edges allowing a lovely polishing resulting into a wonderful detail. Our selected bezel is uni-rotatable and has 120 clicks.

The hand-dyed leather with its rich wax feel on the surface comes from the traditional house HORWEEN, Chicago. It is made with proven techniques and formulas that were developed almost 100 years ago and perfected ever since.

On the movement we have decided to go with the Miyota 6S21 and customized it to our wishes. We decided for it because of the central and wide arrangement of totalisers that allows us to give the clean, yet sportive look we were aiming for. The accuracy and long battery life complete the requirements we had to allow the Schallmauer to become your daily companion.

At the beginning the Schallmauer will be offered in 3 executions:

  • Horizon (blue): Stainless steel case with blue aluminium bezel inlay, blue dial (refined with LumiNova SG2200), white hands, dark brown Horween leather with white stitching and steel buckle. Retail price: 299€ – Campaign price starting at 224€
  • Heritage (reverse Panda): Stainless steel case with black bezel inlay, black dial with silver totalisers (refined with LumiNova Beige), white hands (black on totalisers), light brown vintage Horween leather strap with white stitching and steel buckle. Retail price: 299€ – Campaign price starting at 224€
  • Black beast (black): Stainless steel case (DLC coated – the caseback as well) with black aluminium bezel inlay, black dial (refined with LumiNova SG2200), white hands, black Horween leather with white stitching and DLC coated buckle. Retail price: 329€ – Campaign price starting at 246€

During the Campaign there will be a bundle offer to receive the watches with an additional nylon strap that is also available through the shop.

For the packing we decided on what we think is a very nice wooden box. It is painted black, the grain of the oak wood is still visible. When you open the click mechanism, your new watch will look at you on grey velvet and ready being worn.

We created most of the components. The suppliers for all components were selected individually and on base of our long relationship with them to assure a quality valuing the name “Made in Germany”. Diverse quality checks will be made during and after production. Our master watchmaker will then make the final check during assembling and before the watches are send out to you. This is worth it to us to give 3 years of guarantee for our watches instead of the usual 2.

Here are the specifications:

Diameter: 42.50mm
Thickness: 12.00mm
Lug to Lug: 50.00mm
Lug width: 22.00mm
Water Resistance: 10 bar
Finish: Handgrounded brushed and polished
Steel, uni-rotating, 120 clicks,
aluminium inlay
Solid, 3-dimensional stamping in centre
Individual serial number
Caseback and case in same color (steel/steel; DLC/DLC)
Single Dome
Anti reflective 2-fold (inside)

Construction: Flat
Surface/structure: Matt / circular brushed totalisers, Numbers and dot index refined by LumiNova lumninous
Type/Function: Quartz Chronograph
Movement name: Miyota 6S21 (customized)
Material 1: Handstitched american Horween, leather, waxy/ oily pullup surface
Buckle: Solid Thorn, deep etched
Finish: Brushed
Quick-Release pin: YES
Material 2: Nylon, 2 pieces, double, layer 2.40mm
Buckle: Solid Thorn, deep etched
Finish: Brushed
Quick-Release pin: YES

During 2020 we will introduce 3 more watches to the market besides the Schallmauer and not saying too much we want to let you know that the other models will have a complete different approach covering and tickling different kind of watch styles and specifications. It will be for sure entertaining to follow us.” – Tim Ole Benkus

Find them online:

Instagram: vandaag_de
Facebook: vandaagwatches
Website: (online 01.07.2020)

Indiegogo campaign starting 29.06.2020 here

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