All the creators of the watches I have the chance to present to you find their inspiration in the world around us. Some are inspired by the marine world, while others prefer aviation. Some are more automotive, while others prefer the motorcycle.
The creator of the RVLVR brand, Dan UCHIDA, had a very original and singular idea because he was inspired by firearms and more particularly the revolver to imagine and draw all his creations.
Forget the prejudices that some may have against weapons and let’s focus on this new model R88, which is a limited edition of the RVLR brand and which, as the name suggests, will only be offered to 88 copies.


Before getting to the heart of the subject, I suggest you read Dan Uchida’s presentation on the origins of his brand.
We really feel the investment of a true passionate watchmaker.

The Watch

Since the creation of his brand, Dan had the ambition to release a model with a second hand that would be replaced by a perpetually floating bullet.
It took him 4 years to complete this technical challenge and that’s how the RVLVR R88 was born.

The Dial

It is quite naturally that I begin the description of the dial with this bullet-shaped second hand that seems to float and spin as if by magic. We really get the impression that it is levitating and this is especially true when we are in the dark and our watch lights up thanks to a very efficient Super Luminova C3. It’s really beautiful and very bluffing. This second hand is accompanied by two white hands also covered with Super Luminova C3.

Regarding the more general aspect of this dial, we completely enter the universe of its creator. We are facing a barrel that would have been opened.
There are the 6 chambers for the bullets, the central axis allowing our barrel to rotate which is used here to rotate our hands and finally, the external shapes of most of the barrels that we find on our dial at 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11 o’clock.
The dial seems to be made of a brushed steel that is of the most beautiful effect and that blends perfectly with the previously described details.
There is a date window at 3 o’clock with black numbers on a perfectly legible white background.
And we find the logo of the brand in Super Luminova in one of the rooms.
Despite the homogeneity of this set, I still have a little trouble with the absence of indexes allowing a more precise watch adjustment. But I still understand the approach of getting as close as possible to reality in terms of visual.

The Case

The case of our R88 is an alternation of brushed steel and polished steel that brings relief to our watch and a beautiful aesthetic touch. Many brands have well understood that this alternation brings a better visual and a touch of modernity.
The case is surmounted by an anti-reflective sapphire Crystal just like the screw-in case back on which we find engraved the usual information.
As I have already said for other watches, I do not validate this transparent case back that lets appear a movement without any visual interest. I think a nice engraving would make a lot more sense.

The crown has an appropriate size for handling and there is a pistol engraved on it. Amateurs will appreciate.
Finally, with a size of 40.5mm, curved lugs and a contained weight, our R88 is really very comfortable to wear and for me it is an essential criterion.
The RVLVR R88 is powered by a Seiko NH35 movement that is used to be found in many micro-brands since it is renown to be reliable and robust.

The Strap

To wear our R88, RVLVR gives you the choice between two bracelets.
You can opt for a brushed steel bracelet that looks good to me. Neither too heavy nor too light and which brings a more dressed style to our watch.

Alternatively, you can choose a FKM Rubber strap (otherwise known as Fluororubber). We really feel the quality by wearing this Rubber and in addition to being very comfortable, it does not attract dust, which I love. And the nice touch is the quick change system.


RVLVER is a brand with a real identity that offers unique watch models.
Whether we like it or not, their watches cannot leave anyone indifferent.
With the limited edition R88, Dan Uchida has managed his bet by proposing a rather original model, especially by succeeding his project of perpetually floating bullet which is really great.
Whether you like revolvers or not, do not hesitate to visit the RVLVR website which offers several models as original as the R88.
And like all the affordable watches we present, this limited edition of 88 watches is available for $329 or more.


Thank you to everyone who is browsing our blog and our Facebook group and do not hesitate to leave us comments to encourage us and allow us to improve.

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