Paire & Fils will collaborate with Arpiem to launch a new watch

The parisian shoe creator Paire & Fils now proposes its own watch in a collab with the microbrand Arpiem Watches: casual but elegant, modern but inspired by classical design.

Pierre and Guillaume, two parisians aged 31, created Paire et Fils 5 years ago. The brand is a reflection of its creators: modern, urban, inspired by fashion but not submitted to fashion, bred by Parisian elegance and casualness. The promise of Paire et Fils is about quality, that you can identify through the grade of the leathers and the manufacturing details, for a right price.

As for their shoes and boots, Pierre and Guillaume and their partner Shoebuya wished a watch which would look like they are. The watch should appeal to their way of life: an urban but casual watch, wearable in any circumstances, with a modern but inspired by classicism design, offering a high quality grade for an affordable price.

Paire & Fils applies the same successful receipt they use for their shoes creations :

  • A choice of components of high quality
  • A great attention given to details
  • A design inspired by parisian life

For Paire & Fils, the watch is an accessory of style that should remain subtle: you wear your watch, you do not show a watch. The consequences were the choice for a 38 mm case and a thickness of 10 mm, for a watch that dresses your wrist but that will not burden it. The case is made out of stainless steel 316L (surgical grade).

Looking for quality at affordable price, Paire & Fils has selected a mainstream quartz movement from the swiss manufacturer RONDA, the caliber 515. The case and movement are associated to an unscratchable glass, Saphirre Crystal Quality.

The details incorporated in the watch illustrate the taste for elegance of the creators of Paire & Fils : the engravement of the back of case, showing  the iconic Place Dauphine, a place out of the time in the heart of Paris, on the Ile de la Cité, where the brand was born. One will also notice the Paire & Fils signature on the side of the case which reinforces its elegance and a very trendy mix of brushed and polished finishing of the case.

A clean but not minimalist design, modern but not “show off”. The Paire & Fils watch is issued from classicism and goes to the essential, with taste and discretion. 4 models are proposed

  • Odeon : white dial with chocolate marks and brown calf leather strap
  • Pantheon : black dial with white marks and black calf leather

Two versions of the watch are proposed with an offset dial (the index 12 is offset up
to the “2 hours” position of the dial) :

  • Monge : Khaki green dial with white marks
  • Pont Neuf Navy blue dial with white marks.

This feature illustrates the insolence of the 2 young creators who wanted this version for young active urbans. The Offset Paire & Fils watch is the watch for active indivuals: originally, the “offset”design was made for bikers, who could with just one eye glimpse read the time on keeping their wrist and hand on the handlebar. The truth is that this feature is an originality making the Paire & Fils unique even if it remains a classical watch.

The Paire & Fils watch is offered inside its box with 2 straps. The strap collection is
the following:

  • Black veal leather (with nubuck lining)
  • Cognac veal leather (with nubuck lining)
  • Green veal leather (with nubuck lining)
  • Havana suede (with nubuck lining)

Receiving 2 straps, your Paire & Fils watch will truly be adapted for all circumstances. All straps are equipped with the Quick Release Strap System, enabling a quick and easy change of strap.

The Paire & Fils Watch is currently available on Kickstarter
at pre-order price of 115 € (public launch price = 169 €).

More information and pre-orders through this link :

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