5′ with Vincent Repoux – CEO of Arpiem Watches

Getting to know a new watch is something we love, but what if you could discover a bit more about the history of that watch’s brand? Today we’ve spent 5 minutes with Vincent Repoux, CEO of Arpiem Watches.

What triggered the creation of your own brand ?

The wish to become a creator, after 38 years spent as an « employee », and to handle the full process
of a creative project. I was lucky enough to have time and freedom, so I started this project with the
enthusiasm of a teenager (actually I am 59…).

What are the most significant difficulties you encountered ?

Given my high level of age, getting familiar with numerical communication and advertising tools was and still is my main challenge !

Where do you find your inspiration ?

Basically I am a « race fan » and Arpiem addresses to those who love racing and classic cars… My
inspiration comes from motorsport legends, and each watch tells a story, through colors, indexes and more details on the dials and bezels. Creating these watches represents for me a link which remains with this world of motorsport in which I worked during about 15 years.

How do you see the future of the brand ? Is there any confidential(ish) information you could
disclose to us?

Today ARPIEM is one watch only, even if the Tribute is declined in several different versions. I am
working hard on two additional automatic watches collections, that will be launched I hope in 6
months for the first one and one year for the second. Then ARPIEM will be a real racing watches
brand, with product families, all of them related to steel, engines, horse power and heroes.

Which advice you would like to give to someone willing to follow your path ?

My advice would be to be sure that you have something different to express and to transmit in your
watches. Avoid making just one more diver watch (even if I love divers !), that you can hardly
differentiate from others. The offer is already so large ! There is no marketing study in order to know how Arpiem watches should look like, I just propose watches that I would like to have myself on my wrist. I believe that customers feel that there is a lot of me in the Arpiem designs, and that is also what they are sensible to !

Anything else you would like to share with AWDO ?

I will be happy to share my automatic watches project with AWDO when they are ready !

Thank you for your time Vincent ! The review of the TJW2 is available here 🙂

Arpiem Tribute TJC

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