Circula Heritage Automatic

Since I started writing reviews, I took a lot of pleasure in discovering new brands and original designs. I wore and described very qualitative models and others a little less. I analyzed the choices of material, design or color. I was able to compare the different movements used and test them.
But for the first time, I have the chance to discover and test a watch model that takes part of the history of watchmaking in his country.

This is why I am particularly pleased to present the HERITAGE AUTOMATIC model of the brand Circula, which has succeeded in the challenge of equipping it with a movement manufactured in the 70s, but totally NOS (New Old Stock). Original in-house movements from the Pforzheimer-Rohwerke GmbH (P.U.W.) are installed in the hand-wound and automatic watches of the limited Heritage collection. These New Old Stock movements have been slumbering in a collector’s warehouse since the late 1970s and were only rediscovered by accident a few years ago. Circula secured this treasure and brought a new life into the old German movements by carefully installing them in modern stainless steel cases.

The Brand

Circula is a brand created in 1955 by the HUBER family in Pforzheimer, the historical cradle of watchmaking in Germany, and in 2016, Cornelius HUBER decided to take up the torch and revive the family legacy with a kickstarter campaign that was a real success.
This is how the micro brand Circula was reborn from its ashes by producing watches inspired by the original model of 1955.

The Movement

For once, I begin my presentation with the transparent case back that reveals our 50-year-old movement that was totally assembled and regulated in the workshops of Circula. We can read on this case back the number of the watch whose number will be limited to 499 pieces because there is not an unlimited quantity of these movements and Circula has ensured to keep spare parts for possible support by their after-sales service.
In addition, this case back is neither screwed nor clipped but maintained by 4 screws, adding an extra touch of originality.

The Case

To integrate our movement, we have a stainless steel case with a 41mm width and a 11.8mm thickness, the ideal size for most people and fairly standard size for this watch which is intended to have a classic look. In addition, the slightly curved lugs provide a super comfort, which in my opinion is a very important criteria. 
This case is an alternation of polished and brushed steel that brings elegance while adding a touch of modernity. It has a double dome sapphire crystal with a double anti-reflective treatment that covers our case. To set the time of our watch and to reassemble it, we will use a beautiful polished pie-shaped crown. It’s very aesthetic and very pleasant to handle.
The shape of the case linked to this glass gives the impression of having a watch much larger than it is and the dial seems gigantic. A feast for the eyes.

The Dial

When we look at the dial, we realize that it is very sleek, as were the watches of our ancestors, a time when we did not clutter ourselves with frills.
Therefore, we have a perfect legibility of the time on this navy blue background surrounded by white indexes, and we see the name of the brand and the famous «MADE IN GERMANY» which is totally justified.
And what I love above all and my sidekick Brice Wagner will not contradict me, he who is addicted to blue dials, is that this dial becomes electric blue when the sun reflects on it.
Around our dial, we find elegant Arabic numerals in polished steel and embossed.

The hour and minute hands are thin, elegant, made of polished steel and are obviously luminescent.
To perfect this set, our dial is surrounded by a polished steel flange that reflects the 60 indexes, according to the ambient brightness and this is absolutely beautiful.

The Strap

And what would a watch be without its bracelet?
Once again, Circula nailed it by choosing a leather bracelet that, in my opinion, reflects the classic codes of its ancestors.
My model is presented with a beautiful brown leather strap with stitching throughout its length and it is equipped with the quick replacement system.
This bracelet is also made in Germany and I must say that in addition to being very comfortable, I really felt quality. Of course, only time can tell me if I am right or not because it is becoming more and more difficult to find leather bracelets that hold the distance.
This bracelet fastens with a polished steel pin buckle engraved with the name of the brand.


To sum it up, I think that this Circula Heritage Automatic will bring real joy to its buyers because in addition to its manufacturing qualities and the materials used, it is a watch that has a brand identity and a timeless design.
But above all, and this is for true watchmaking enthusiasts, you will have the chance to be one of the 499 lucky ones who will wear on their wrist this watch full of history.
I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Cornelius HUBER who has revived his family business in the most beautiful way and I sincerely invite you to visit their website where you can discover all the models offered at prices that are all affordable.

Thank you to everyone who is browsing our blog and our Facebook group and do not hesitate to leave us comments to encourage us and allow us to improve.

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