Briston Classic Clubmaster

Today I am very pleased to present my new watch from the brand BRISTON, the classic clubmaster gold acetate and know that Briston offers a 15% discount to members of our group using the AWDO15 code.

What makes me happy is first of all because it is a French brand, which isn’t often the case. Second and foremost, it is because this brand has succeeded, in my opinion, in having original models that are not found anywhere else.

Their watches blend the elegance of old England with a preppy style (sportswear look from the West Coast of the United States in the 50’s). In short, chic and casual combined, with a touch of retro that we still love.

The brilliant idea of the founder of the brand, Brice JAUNET, was to draw inspiration from the world of glasses and in particular the iconic Clubmaster model of RAY BAN. He actually used the same material to create his watch case; the color acetate tortoise shell. From then on, it became obvious to give the same name to his collection.

The model I have chosen and that I present to you is a quartz chronograph with a cushion-shaped case, Panerai Luminor style. Form little used but very pleasant to wear. In addition, its perfect size of 40mm will fit any wrist style, men like women.
This case is made of acetate color tortoise tortoise and what I really love is that its color changes according to the light, which is usually found only on the dial.
This case is surmounted by a pink gold steel strap that accommodates a mineral glass slightly domed.

Like most chronographs, the push buttons are located at 2 and 4 o’clock and the crown with the Briston coat of arms at 3 o’clock. The three are adorned with a small rubber ring that may seem innocuous but that brings a real more visual and practical for the gripping of the fingers. They are also made of rose gold steel.

The dial is taupe gray and the cool thing is that it is cut out to let appear the indexes and numbers of a silver gray color. This method gives depth to this watch which is not thick (11mm) and we like it.
The clock minutes counter is positioned at 9am, the 24h clock is at 3am and the second hand only moves when the clock is activated to indicate the seconds. A date display that is clear and legible can be found at 6am.

To wear this watch, Briston has chosen to equip them with nato straps in order to be able to modulate the watch infinitely at a lower cost. And for the moment, I find them very good with the small detail of the brand name engraved on one of the closure rings.

Finally, this watch is animated by a Japanese movement, the quartz movement Citizen OS21, very precise and as the second hand uses for the chronometer, it makes it extremely silent, which is not always the case for quartz watches.

In summary and after several days with the Clubmaster on my wrist, I must say that I am fulfilled.
I have a light watch, pleasant to wear, with a hyper engaged look while staying classy and quality.
In addition, the Briston brand offers so many different colors that it is difficult not to find its happiness.
So I invite you to visit the Briston brand site which in addition to the kindness , I repeat, to offer an exclusive 15% discount for members of our group using the AWDO15 code.

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