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Evox DV1-02

In 1970 Omega released what has become one of the most iconic divewatch: the Seamaster 1200 a.k.a. PloProf. Its specs have inspired quite a lot of watchmakers, its design has too, especially in the...


All-New Viqueria Levante

Viqueria is an Italian Brand with everything Italy is famous for In fashion and Design . The journey started in 2012, when Nicolò and Omar, friends as well as watch enthusiasts, founded 2DStraps, an...



On this July 4th, Hemel announces their new partnership with the United States Air Force. According to Marvin Menke, Founder, Owner and Operator of Hemel, “I’ve always said that nothing has driven horological innovation...


Formex Essence Dégradé Chronometer

During the past years I have had the opportunity to discover and wear some very interesting watches, sometimes quite expensive, but I must say that I have enjoyed a very few only as much...


StrapsCo & AWDO – Gift cards giveaway !

We all love being able to pair our watches with new straps from time to time, but the same question comes quite often: “Where do you get affordable and qualitative straps?” At AWDO we...


Ocean Crawler Paladino WaveMaker

I really like dive watches. Not that I’m diver, but I like the way they look, with their sportly style, and I like the fact that I don’t need to worry about taking them...

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