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Titoni Seascoper 600

The watch I’m reviewing today is made by one of the biggest Swiss brands on the watch market, selling more than 50k pieces a year yet almost unknown in Europe. Titoni is one of...


Boldr Odyssey Dark Meteorite

Although meteorite dials have always been quite popular, I have never had the chance to see one in person. I’m having this opportunity now with the Boldr Odyssey Dark Meteorite, a stunning yet limited...


Roebuck Scuba

I’ve had the occasion to get my hands on the Roebuck Scuba prototype during a few days. It was a first for me with a watch created by Guy Roebuck so I didn’t really...


Arpiem Racematic TJW-3

Watches and cars… Two worlds that trigger a lot of passion and could be really close from each other! I have already introduced you to Arpiem Watches and their beautiful yet affordable race-inspired chronographs....


Boldr Venture Field Medic lll

I invite you to discover the review of the Venture Field Medic lll by Boldr Supply Company. The Venture family is Boldr’s take on the classic field watch The Brand Boldr Supply Company is...


Titoni Heritage

“No one is a prophet in his own land.” It seems strange to begin my review with such a saying! And yet, it is in my opinion what best sums up the watch but...

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